Babe? Is A Journey.

Ryan and Lara met in 2010 and have been through it all. Over the course of their friendship, they've lived together, coached each other through professional triumphs and failures, provided a shoulder to cry on during times of heartbreak and have real talked each other out of various K holes of darkness. 

"Babe?" is a term born out of friendship. It's both an affectionate way to refer to someone, as well as a way to subtly question a person's sanity. This podcast is a place where Lara and Ryan will check in, troll each other, lol and speak their truth about the world. 





Lara is a New York Times Bestselling author, and don't you ever fucking forget it! 





Ryan O'Connell is a writer who's most recently worked on Will & Grace. Although he's not a New York Times Bestselling author, he has a far more illustrious career than Lara. 


Are you creepily obsessed with Vanderpump Rules?

Well so is Lara, and she has a podcast all about it! On the Sexy Unique Podcast, Lara and her guests analyze the wild shenanigans of LA's most iconic SURvers. They recap episodes of the show, discuss theories about the cast, and much, much more!