episode 30: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Ryan makes a shocking announcement, and the babes talk about parents, getting older, trashy treats and more! Babe? is going to be on a short hiatus but will be back very soon. Love and light!


episode 29: reader mail extravaganza!

Lara and Ryan dedicate an episode to answering the readers' burning questions, including how to make friends, how to be scrappy, how to date when you're a virgin and more!


episode 28: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Lara's Amazon Wish List has allowed her to channel spiritual energy, Ryan reveals his passion for voiceover acting and the babes' lives are forever changed after going to a P!nk concert. 


episode 27: find your light w/ Jason greene aka "freckle"

On this spiritual episode of Babe? Lara and Ryan are joined by the one and only Freckle! For those of you who aren't "in the know," Freckle is the creation of Jason Greene, and a true star. Freckle shares some tips and tricks for managing life, and the babes talk emotional vulnerability, dating woes, answer reader mail and much, much more! You can find Freckle on Instagram @auntfreckle.


episode 26: lolmageddon w/ Ed Droste

Ed Droste from the band Grizzly Bear joins Lara and Ryan for a true lollercoaster! They admit that they'd be willing to majorly sacrifice in order to live a tax free life, give an oral history of their friendship whorigin stories, check in on Sky, slander fringe, etc. Grizzly Bear is on TOUR THIS SUMMER, Y'ALL! You can buy tix (and Painted Ruins, of course) at grizzly-bear.net/


Episode 25: Extreme Babe-Overs

In what may be the worst episode of Babe?...ever, Lara is triggered by a vagrant on a skateboard, Ryan is excited to GET POLITICAL in DC, and the babes talk plastic surgery, Instagram friend groups they want to infiltrate, the power of female friendship and much, much more! 


Episode 24: We're (Literally) Melting!

In this sweaty episode of Babe? Lara and Ryan are coming to you all the way from a midcentury hell house in Palm Springs. Despite some minor technical difficulties, they still manage to drum up some lols while talking rim jobs, Nikki Blonsky, sex in their 20s and more! Plus, they are joined by special guest, psychologist Dr. Deanie Eichenstein, to answer this week's reader mail. 


episode 23: Control Freaks w/ Melissa broder

Ryan and Lara are joined by CELEBRITY GUEST Melissa Broder: poet, author and LOL-er whose new novel 'The Pisces' is out May 1st! They cover a variety of chill, lighthearted topics such as: depression, crippling anxiety, merman dicks and more. Pre-order The Pisces on Amazon, and follow Melissa on Twitter @sosadtoday


episode 22: owning it w/ Tracie Egan Morrissey

Lara and Ryan are joined by CELEBRITY GUEST Tracie Egan Morrissey, writer and executive producer at Viceland. Ryan threatens to move to Atwater Village, Lara is over it, and the babes discuss Tracie's most Babe? moments. 


episode 21: thotty lollers

In this raucous episode of Babe? Lara gives some advice on how to avoid Craigslist Scammers, Ryan is invited to a gay orgy and the babes talk about their Instagram triggers. 


episode 20: the wacktress

On this maniacal episode of Babe? Ryan yearns for a "gay men only" co-working space, Lara tells a story about getting trolled during a night out in Hollywood and the babes come to blows over a hot button issue that results in Ryan FINALLY accepting Lara for who she truly is.


episode 19: foodie fights

Ryan O'Connell is ON ONE in this wild episode of Babe? He talks about his lifelong dream of having his own food diary, which almost sends Lara over the edge. Then the babes discuss their favorite food diaries of all time: Courtney Love's Grubstreet profile, and Giuliana Rancic's anorexic manifesto, segue into their own strange eating habits and finish up with some killer reader mail. 


episode 18: coming out w/ karley sciortino

On this magnificent episode of the acclaimed podcast Babe? Ryan and Lara are joined by CELEBRITY GUEST Karley Sciortino: author/star/creator of Slutever. ! It's an XXXL affair filled with fake orgasms, bisexuality, lesbian flings, Felicity-esque reader mail and much, much more! 


episode 17: The big babe theory w/ Jim parsons

On this extra special episode of Babe? Ryan and Lara are joined by their first ever CELEBRITY GUEST, Jim Parsons! The babes discover what makes Jim babe out, dig deep into their family histories, answer some insane reader mail and much, much more! 


episode 16: shannon & vicki

On the aural rollercoaster otherwise known as Babe? multiple travel trolls test Ryan's patience and cause him to question why he's so averse to public meltdowns. Meanwhile, Lara attempts to push through her financial anxieties one excel spreadsheet at a time. 


Episode 15: what's the issue?

In this riveting episode of Babe? Lara sees a pack of sexy straight guys in the wild, Ryan confronts Kyle Richards with some inconvenient truths and the babes discuss the politics of farting in front of others. 


Episode 14: it all comes back to the cock

In this episode of the critically panned docuseries Babe? Ryan and Lara are back in LA and attempting to recover from the...unique bed at the Greenwich Hotel. Ryan recounts his erotic journeys in the Big Apple, Lara praises herself for interacting with a straight man and The Readers share their insane injury stories. 


episode 13: two assholes

In this episode of the groundbreaking podcast, Babe? Lara and Ryan are in New York City, podcasting from their room at the Greenwich Hotel! Manhattan is causing Ryan to fully babe out–he shares his most recent TBD sexual journey and laments his asshole's loss of elasticity. Lara recounts a dark and tragic year that was filled with Vanderpump Rules-esque injuries, and the babes get reader mail about Sephora scams. 


Episode 12: Babes on a rampage

On this episode of Babe? Ryan is on the loose! He FINALLY gets some vacation justice in the form of a soothing trip to San Diego, which leaves him feeling refreshed. The babes have a conversation about monogamy and sexual fantasies, and talk about Rose McGowan's babe? status. 


episode 11: #Justice4satc3

On this wonderful episode of the world-renowned podcast known as Babe? Lara has a real talk moment about sexual trauma and dating, Ryan embarks on a new business venture, and the babes band together to fight for a cause close to their hearts: Sex and the City 3. 


episode 10: bangs?!?!??!?!?!?!?

Lara reminisces on past hair faux pas, and Ryan tries to overcome a terrible tragedy.


episode 9: spiritual gangsters

After being wronged by a popular skin serum, Lara and Ryan seek retribution and JUSTICE. They also reminisce on their best and worst moments of 2017. 


episode 8 : anyways...

In this extra special bonus episode of Babe? Lara and Ryan get REAL and talk POLITICS! JK, they mostly talk about themselves and their problems with crippling depression and anxiety.


episode 7 : Poetry in motion

Ryan unearths some long lost poems from his teens, and Lara shares some fond memories of getting on the world wide web in middle school. 

episode 6: happy nolidays

Ryan and Lara get into a fairly dark conversation about their sexual pasts and attempt to claw their way back into the light. 


episode 5: Gwyneths & winonas

Ryan and Lara celebrate the dearth of psychos in their lives by taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing about past experiences with toxic friendships.


episode 4: feeling testy

Ryan's angsty after seeing Call Me by Your Name. Lara shares how her family tried to troll her over Thanksgiving break, and the two of them have a Britney Spears sing-off.


Episode 3: I'll be your conduit!

In this gripping episode of Babe, Ryan goes completely off-script and ambushes Lara with a string of shocking accusations.


Episode 2: Straight White sharks

In the second episode of "Babe?", Lara goes to a Katy Perry concert and Ryan reveals a series of dark truths. They also decide that straight men need to shut the f*ck up and listen for once in their damn lives. 

episode 1: finding our voice

In the inaugural episode of their podcast journey known as "Babe?", Ryan and Lara talk about Lara's recent trip to Japan, the musical babes who inspire them, and much, much more!